Kormo Jobs By Google: Best App to Find Jobs

By | August 23, 2021

Kormo Jobs By Google Detail: 

Kormo Jobs App is the best app to find jobs near your location. The Kormo Jobs app from Google helps you find entry-level jobs with a guided experience through to job interviews. You can get personalized job recommendations from verified employers based on your interests, qualifications and location. You can create and download a free digital resume/CV. You can even apply directly and schedule interviews with just a few taps. It only takes a few minutes to start your profile.


kormo jobs


Google’s Kormo Jobs is available for all mobiles on the Google Play Store. From where you can download this app. On this app, any user can register for a job according to their skills. This will give them a job option according to your skills. According to Google, people involved in jobs as well as business will also be seen on the app. The Kormo Jobs app currently has over 1 million downloads.

Features Of Kormo Jobs App-

The features of Kormo Jobs are as follows.


  • Once you sign up, you have unlimited access to:
  • Fresh jobs from verified employers
  • Real time tracking & fast updates on job applications
  • Easy interview scheduling directly through the app
  • Free digital resume that’s yours to keep
  • New skilling content to help you learn and earn more
Kormo Jobs specializes in Retail, Logistics, Hospitality and Services and offers jobs such as retail sales associate, delivery and warehouse operations, and customer service representative.

Try Kormo Jobs for free and find your next job today!
Kormo Jobs By Google: Download
The Kormo Jobs app from Google helps you find entry level jobs with experience guided by job interviews. You can get individual job recommendations from verified employers based on your interests, qualifications, location and age. You can also create and download free digital resumes


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