India Top 10 Pharma Companies

By | March 16, 2022

                      1. Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd

It is an Indian worldwide drug organization settled in Mumbai, Maharashtra that makes and sells drug details and dynamic drug fixings (APIs) fundamentally in India and the United States.

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd has a 24.09 % Stock Weighatage in Nifty Pharma. The organization has all out deals of Rs 29066 Cr. Sun Pharma is the Largest Pharma Companies in India by Revenue and Market capital.

Income: ₹ 34,357 Cr
ROE: 9.19 %
Deals Growth (3Yrs): 0.67 %
Advertiser holding: 54.56 %
Obligation to value: 0.25
Cost to book esteem: 2.28
The organization offers plans in different helpful regions, like cardiology, psychiatry, nervous system science, gastroenterology, and diabetology. It additionally gives APIs like warfarin, carbamazepine, etodolac, and clorazepate, as well as enemies of malignant growths, steroids, peptides, sex chemicals, and controlled substances.

               2. Aurobindo Pharma Ltd

Established in 1986 by Mr. P. V. Ramprasad Reddy, Mr. K. Nityananda Reddy and a little gathering of exceptionally dedicated experts, Aurobindo Pharma was brought into the world of a dream. The organization started activities in 1988-89 with a solitary unit producing Semi-Synthetic Penicillin (SSP) at Pondicherry. The organization has absolute deals of Rs 19564 Cr.

Income: ₹ 28,404 Cr
ROE: 19.01 %
Deals Growth (3Yrs): 12.41 %
Advertiser holding: 51.87 %
Obligation to value: 0.37
Cost to book esteem: 1.82
Aurobindo Pharma turned into a public organization in 1992 and recorded its portions on the Indian stock trades in 1995. As well as being the market chief in Semi-Synthetic Penicillins, it has a presence in key remedial fragments, for example, neurosciences, cardiovascular, hostile to retrovirals, enemies of diabetics, gastroenterology, and anti-toxins, among others.

A completely coordinated Pharma Company in India, Aurobindo Pharma highlights among the main 2 organizations in India as far as merged incomes. Aurobindo products to north of 150 nations across the globe with over 90% of its incomes gotten from worldwide tasks.

                                 3. Lupin

Lupin is a worldwide drug organization offering a wide scope of items like Branded and Generic Formulations, Biotechnology Products, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Specialty. The organization has all out deals of Rs 16718 Crs. Lupin’s top notch producing offices are spread across India, Japan, USA, Mexico, and Brazil.

Income: ₹ 15,300 Cr
ROE: 5.38 %
Deals Growth (3Yrs): 5.46 %
Advertiser holding: 46.93 %
Obligation to value: 0.64
Cost to book esteem: 2.17
Lupin is a critical player in the treatment areas of Gynecology, Cardiovascular, Diabetology, Asthma, Pediatric, Central Nervous System (CNS), Gastro-Intestinal (GI), Anti-Infective (AI) and Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs).

Lupin likewise stands firm on a worldwide initiative footing in the Anti-TB and Cephalosporins sections. With a presence in more than 100 nations, Lupin offers top caliber yet reasonable meds for the absolute most ongoing infections tending to neglected needs in many regions of the planet.

                                  4. Cipla

Cipla is a main worldwide drug organization, committed to top caliber, marked and nonexclusive meds. The Company is trusted by medical services experts and patients across geographies.The Company has a complete deals of Rs 16362 Cr. The Company is fourth-biggest in the List of top ten pharma organizations in India.

Income: ₹ 19,425 Cr
ROE: 9.62 %
Deals Growth (3Yrs): 5.87 %
Advertiser holding: 36.65 %
Obligation to value: 0.23
Cost to book esteem: 2.20
The organization has reinforcing worldwide concentration by solidifying and extending presence in the vital business sectors of India, South Africa, the US, and different economies of the arising scene.

          5. Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories is an Indian worldwide drug organization situated in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd has a 17.00 % Stock Weighatage in the Nifty Pharma Index. The organization has complete deals of Rs 14500 Crs. The organization is the fifth-biggest in the rundown of top ten pharma organizations in India.

Income: ₹ 19,386 Cr
ROE: 13.61 %
Deals Growth (3Yrs): – 0.26 %
Advertiser holding: 26.76 %
Obligation to value: 0.17
Cost to book esteem: 3.30

Dr. Reddy’s makes and markets a wide scope of drugs in India and abroad. The organization has more than 190 prescriptions, 60 dynamic drug fixings (APIs) for drug make, indicative packs, basic consideration, and biotechnology items.

                 6. Cadila Healthcare Ltd

Zydus Cadila is settled in Ahmedabad, India, and positions fourth in the Indian drug industry. The gathering has fabricating destinations and exploration offices spread across five territories of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim in India and in the US and Brazil.

Zydus’ Innovation program is initiated by 1300 scientists across 19 locales, chipping away at separated prescriptions for what’s to come. From NCEs to immunizations, biosimilars, and specialty advances, the gathering is investigating various thoughts and ideas, improving continually.

Income: ₹ 15, 139 Cr.
ROE: 18.66 %
Deals Growth (3Yrs): 11.78 %
Advertiser holding: 74.88 %
Obligation to value: 0.69
Cost to book esteem: 2.55

Zydus’ worldwide business has a solid presence in the directed business sectors of the US, Europe (France and Spain) and in the high profile markets of Latin America and South Africa. It is additionally present amazingly in 25 other developing business sectors around the world. The organization has all out deals of Rs 6500 Crs.

      7. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals is a worldwide drug organization. The Company is occupied with the improvement of new synthetic substances (NCEs) and new organic elements (NBEs).

The organization has a few atoms in different phases of pre-clinical and clinical turn of events and is basically engaged in the space of Oncology, Respiratory and Dermatology.

Income: ₹ 11,038 Cr.
ROE: 15.20 %
Deals Growth (3Yrs): 9.27 %
Advertiser holding: 46.59 %
Obligation to value: 0.60
Cost to book esteem: 1.27
The organization has an all out net deals of Rs 6403 Crs. It has 17 assembling offices and 5 R&D focuses committed to the objective of improving lives across the globe. The Company is among the Top rundown of drug organizations in India

     8. Downpour Pharmaceuticals Ltd 

Downpour Pharma, the leader Company of Torrent Group is one of the main pharma organizations of the Country. The Company was a trailblazer in starting the idea of specialty promoting in India and today is positioned among the forerunners in the remedial fragment of cardiovascular (CV), focal sensory system (CNS), gastrointestinal (GI) and ladies medical services (WHC).

The Company likewise has a critical presence in diabetology, torment the executives, gynecology, oncology, and hostile to infective sections.

Deluge Pharma’s upper hand comes from the elite assembling offices, progressed R and D capacities, broad homegrown organization and a far reaching worldwide presence in north of 40 nations. The organization has absolute net deals of Rs 5762 Crs.

Income: ₹ 8,061 Cr.
ROE: 12.75 %
Deals Growth (3Yrs): 4.69 %
Advertiser holding: 71.25 %
Obligation to value: 0.85
Cost to book esteem: 7.00

The securing of Elder Pharma’s Indian marked business in 2013, Dermaceutical business of Zyg Pharma in 2015, API plant of Glochem Industries in 2016, ladies medical care brands from Novartis and Unichem’s Indian marked business alongside its Sikkim Plant in 2017 fortified Torrent Pharma’s situation in the Indian Pharma market.

Downpour Pharma began worldwide acquisitions in 2005 with 90-year-old Heumann from Pfizer to enter the German market. Later on, Purchased ANDA of Monocycline from Ranbaxy for the US Market in 2015.

In January 2018, Torrent additionally procured Bio-Pharm, Inc. (BPI) conventional drugs and OTC Company, situated in Levittown Pennsylvania, USA. One of the most amazing pharma organization in India.

           9. Alkem Laboratories Ltd

Laid out in 1973, top notch marked generics, conventional medications, dynamic drug fixings, and nutraceuticals, which the organization markets in India and more than 50 nations globally.

With a far reaching arrangement of more than 750 brands covering every one of the significant restorative sections and a strong skillet India deals and dissemination organization, The organization is positioned among the main ten drug organizations in India as far as homegrown deals for the beyond 15 years.

Income: ₹ 9,098 Cr.
ROE: 14.84 %
Deals Growth (3Yrs): 14.47 %
Advertiser holding: 66.04 %
Obligation to value: 0.24
Cost to book esteem: 5.22
The organization have additionally been positioned the No.1 Anti-infective organization in India for over 10 years and component among the main drug organizations in the helpful sections of Gastro-gastrointestinal, Pain the board, and Vitamins/Minerals/Nutrients.

The organization is right now positioned the 6th biggest drug organization in India as far as homegrown deals for the monetary year 2018 with our famous brands like Clavam, Pan, Pan-D, Taxim and Taxim-O highlighting among the main 50 drug brands in India.

Producing impression with an aggregate of 21 assembling offices remembering 19 for India and 2 the United States. The organization has absolute net deals of Rs 5714 Cr. Among the best pharma organization in India.

             10. Divi’s Laboratories Ltd

Divis Laboratories is occupied with the assembling of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Intermediates and Nutraceutical fixings with prevalence in sends out. The organization has an all out net deals of Rs 4880 Crs. One of the most incredible pharma organization in India.

Market Cap: 57,919 Cr.
ROE: 21.01 %
Deals Growth (3Yrs): 9.41 %
Advertiser holding: 52.00 %
Obligation to value: 0.00
Cost to book esteem: 8.18
Divi’s has been laid out for over 29 years in Hyderabad, India with two assembling units and is among the top drug organizations in Ind

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